Cirencester Futures is an informal partnership between Cirencester Town Council and Cotswold District Council aimed at delivering a healthy and resilient future for the town. At inception it brings together the following three planning initiatives:

  • Cotswold District Local Plan
  • Cirencester Neighbourhood Development Plan
  • Town Centre Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document

The purpose of establishing Cirencester Futures is to ensure good planning by working together as a community in co-ordinating both town and district planning initiatives. It’s important to stress that Cirencester Futures is not simply another ‘local council’ project but is something intended to be owned and supported by everyone in Cirencester.

Cirencester Town Council and Cotswold District Council are also committed to working together with stakeholders to ensure that the town centre remains resilient to changes arising from greater levels of internet shopping.

Everyone who has an interest in the future planning of the town will be able to access important documents and information through this one web portal called ‘Cirencester Futures’. This will enable the opportunity to proactively engage and participate in a wide range of consultations. Further information and updates will be regularly published as and when they become available.