Cirencester Futures is an informal partnership between Cirencester Town Council and Cotswold District Council aimed at delivering a healthy and resilient future for the town and brings together three planning initiatives:

  • Cotswold District Local Plan
  • Cirencester Neighbourhood Development Plan
  • Town Centre Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document

The purpose of establishing Cirencester Futures is to ensure good planning by working together in co-ordinating both town and district planning initiatives.

Cirencester Town Council and Cotswold District Council are also committed to working together to ensure that the town centre remains resilient to changes arising from greater levels of internet shopping.

Everyone who has an interest in the future planning of the town will be able to access important documents and information through this one web portal called ‘Cirencester Futures’ and have the opportunity to proactively engage and participate in a wide range of consultations. Further information and updates will be regularly published as and when they become available.

Cirencester Town Council, together with Cotswold District Council, is committed to preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

In the early part of 2019 there will be a lot of community engagement to prepare ward profiles for each ward within the parish boundary of Cirencester. This will establish what the community assets are, planning constraints, population data and any current issues and concerns that residents and businesses have.

During this process we will identify the planning and non-planning issues and how each can be followed up and actioned; our aim is to complement the Local Plan by adding detail to Cirencester related policies and to establish policy on any issues which the Local Plan is silent on.

Once we are clear about what the Neighbourhood Plan (NDP) will deliver, a community-led Steering Group will be established with representation from Cirencester Town Council and Cotswold District Council, which will prepare, on behalf of the Town Council a draft NDP.

During community engagement on the ward profiling, we will seek expressions of interest for joining the Steering Group with information workshops and training being provided.  Anyone interested in joining the Steering Group can then apply by CV and covering letter. Whilst spaces will be limited, there will be plenty of opportunities to participate and engage with the process leading to the adoption of the NDP in 2021.

Throughout 2019 information on progress and key documents will be made available through the Cirencester Futures website.



In accordance with the new Local Plan, Cotswold District Council has to produce a masterplan to guide redevelopment of key town centre sites. It will contain the main planning requirements of types of building uses, timing of development and so on), and set out the standards by which planning applications will be judged. It’s called a ‘framework’ masterplan because it won’t go into the finer detail about redevelopment.

The District Council will be working together with the Town Council and key partners and stakeholders to:

  • scope of the masterplan (e.g. what the plan should and shouldn’t focus);
  • consult the wider public;
  • prepare a ‘preferred option’ masterplan;
  • consult the public on the preferred option. 

Throughout 2019 information on progress and key documents will be made available through the Cirencester Futures website.

A conference is to be held in January on the future of the high street and the challenges we face in Cirencester. It will be the key starting point for meaningful dialogue and a unique opportunity for the private and public sector to work together in influencing and taking the lead in delivering a robust response in a proactive way to safeguard the future vitality and viability of our town.

Information on progress and key documents will be made available through the Cirencester Futures website.



If you would like to find out more about Cirencester Futures please e-mail cirencesterfutures@cotswold.gov.uk or send us a message via the box below:

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